Our range of carpets includes:

Wool Twist

The original wool twist carpets are a great all round carpet that really last and are the most popular style of carpet in the UK.  Available in every shade of the rainbow, wool twists come in a range of different pile weights and are excellent at keeping their appearance. Typically, the wool twist carpet is produced using an 80/20 mix (80% wool) and 20% man made fibres (often Nylon). The nylon component gives this carpet durability and the wool gives it its warmth and soft texture.  

The basic range starts at £16.75p/sq/m

Polypropylene Mix

This style of carpet is ideal for family living because of their durability and they are easy to maintain and they represent great value for money.  The colour is locked into the fibre during manufacture and cannot be washed out, which means that your carpet is stain and fade resistant, this carpet represents great value for money.

Twist Pile Carpets are best suited to lounge, dining room, hall stairs and landings.

Basic range starts from £7.16 sq/m


Saxony carpets have a slightly longer pile and feel luxurious under foot.  Usually they are made from man-made fibres, which gives them their durability.  Saxonies come in a range of different piles that give a wide range of finishes, each giving a deep sense of comfort underfoot.

Great for use throughout the home, particularly bedrooms and living rooms.

Prices start from £9.55 sq/m


Often referred to as a loop pile carpet they are made from either wool or synthetic fibres.  The yarns form loops on the surface of the carpet giving it a different texture to the traditional twist carpet.  Berbers are hard wearing, stylish and durable and are known for maintaining their appearance.

Berbers are great for hall, stairs and landings and work well in other rooms of the house.

Prices start from: £9.55 sq/m


“A cheap carpet needs a good underlay, and an expensive carpet deserves a good underlay….For this reason we only use the best!” Greg ‘Lovely Floor Coverings © 2002  

If we are fitting your carpet then your underlay is fitted for free*.

Underlay is £4.19 per sq/m 

Door plates and grippers are supplied free of charge when we fit your carpets.  The only plates that we charge for are self adhesive plates and carpet to laminate plates.

*Terms and conditions apply